About the Online Progressive unSchool

OPuS is an attempt to add new functionality to our schools using the opportunities made available by the Internet, ubiquitous computer availability, and social media. Much of the thinking that led to OPuS can be found in the EVA2 wiki. The most complete presentation on the structure and function of OPuS is available in this Prezi. Another more traditional text-based explanation of OPuS is available here.

We believe that schools can be radically improved by empowering students and teachers to pursue what they are passionately interested in learning. We also believe that much of what good schools do remains essential. Peter Gow has provided a clear and cogent rationale for why the traditional functions of school will remain vital.

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About Us Working on OPuS

Fred Bartels - Director of Information Technology and Computer Department Head at Rye Country Day School. Passionate -among other things- about using information technology to improve education.

Alex Ragone - Director of Technology & 8th Grade Dean at Collegiate School, EdTechTalk Host, Husband, Father of Three

Laurie Bartels - teacher of kids and adults at Rye Country Day School: Computer Teacher, Coordinator of Technology Training, K-8 Computer Coordinator
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