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Chemistry of Cooking
Why does the amount of water used to boil pasta make a difference in how the pasta cooks? Does it really matter how much you stir ingredients? Do some ingredients play nicer with each other than other ingredients? What foods can be used as substitutes (for dietary restrictions, to lighten a recipe, for flavor…)? What impact do the cooking supplies (metal, glass, wood, plastic) have on the recipe? What is the difference between what seem like similar ingredients, such as baking soda & baking powder?
If you are interested in answering these questions and more, or you are interested in cooking in general, then please join us in this hands-on exploration of the transformation of food when it is combined and cooked.
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Blogs of CoP Members
Laurie Bartels - I will eventually create a posterous blog devoted to the Chemistry of Cooking.
About Your Guide: Laurie Bartels
It wasn't until just a few years ago, when my older son gave his dad a birthday present of Veganomicon, that I began to appreciate how enjoyable cooking could be. Particularly because cooking vegan does not use eggs, I became intrigued by the use of (what seemed to me) alternative ingredients and the amazing tastes of, and ways to cook vegetables and grains. In case you are wondering, this CoP will explore the chemistry of cooking all types of food!
I am now looking for others to join me in exploring the chemistry of cooking and baking, and in the process sharing recipes, some good meals and cooking camaraderie.
Currently I teach MS and US computer electives, and facilitate the 1:1 program at Rye Country Day School .
You can find out more about me at Neurons Firing, where I blog about the brain, human anatomy, and learning.

Joining the Chemistry of Cooking CoP
If you are interested in possibly joining this CoP please contact me at the following email address.

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