Curved Roof Architecture
A CoP for exploring sustainable building with a particular focus on curved-roof architecture. CAD software has opened many new possibilities for incorporating more curves into architectural design. Participants in this CoP will play with those possibilities and look for opportunities that become available when you break out of the box.

Passionate about architecture? Want to explore interesting new design possibilities? Interested in helping design and create sustainable and affordable housing using innovative and creative thinking? This CoP is for you.
Important resources for those pursuing work with sustainable curved-roof architecture

Blogs of CoP Members

Fred Bartels -
About Your Guide: Fred Bartels

I've been interested in architecture, design and the environment since I was a kid. After mastering SketchUp I became passionately interested in using that amazing tool to design curved roofed architecture.

Currently I'm the head of the Computer Department at Rye Country Day School.

You can find out much more about me hereand on my ISENET page

Joining the Curved Roof Architecture CoP

If you are interested in possibly joining this CoP please contact me at the following email address.