Exploring the Singularity Concept

FutureScape: What is the singularity? Where is technology headed? What might the future look like as the boundaries between artificial and human intelligence blur and converge? What are the ethical considerations?

This CoP explores far out thinking, the Long Now, ways of meeting humanity's pressing challenges, science fiction as the long view....planet Earth as lifeboat.... Vernor Vinge's famous Singularity paper.
Important resources for those exploring the singularity concept.

The writings of Vernor Vinge Interview of Vinge
Kevin Kelly's recent work , TED Talkand TEDx Talk
Ray Kurzweil's work TED Talk 1& TED Talk 2
Transcendent Man Documentary about Ray Kurzweil and his work.

http://media.longnow.org/files/2/Michael_Chabon_-_The_Omega_Glory.pdf Michael Chabon on looking far ahead
http://longnow.org/seminars/podcast/ Podcasts about 10,000 years out
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Blogs of CoP Members

Fred Bartels - http://fredbartels.posterous.com/

Linda Vasu
About Your Guides:

Fred Bartels
I've been interested in ideas related to the singularity since doing in work in graduate school related to studying the nature of cities.

Currently I'm the head of the Computer Department at Rye Country Day School.

You can find out much more about me hereand on my ISENET page http://isenet.ning.com/profile/FredBartels

Linda Vasu
I like to think about the future. Analyzing and reading trends, patterns, forecasts, systems, cultures -- these topics related to outward bound voyaging, both real, virtual, and imaginative, have engaged my interest alongside my other passion, which is the exploration of inwardness as expressed in literature.

At present I teach Upper School literature at Convent of the Sacred Heart in Greenwich CT. I've taught every grade from 2nd to grad school. My field is semiotics, which is the study of how meaning is constructed from cultural and social signs and texts: words, images, sounds, gestures, objects.
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Joining the Exploring the Singularity Concept CoP

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