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Devices --

I don't know what the correct device is but the device is overrated, b/c each one requires a different programming to function. Different types of content become device specific.

Then you're stuck in schools with "what device do we use?"

Apple developed apps and then that was picked up by android.
This seems to be much like saying "the web is old hat."

The device determines how the content gets delivered.

Al Gore's new book is delivered by an app - not an ebook. This lets you do things you could never do with a book.

The app rubrick is where we are going. Now I am doing things in the cloud.

If you want precision you still need the computer and keyboard.

Inkling - offers promise of partnerships with traditional texbook companies, but they aren't quite there yet.

School sponsored version of online bookstore

Can you even begin thinking about electronic books if you are not a 1:1 school?

The iPad is great, but it is still primarily a consumer product. Difficult to manage in the enterprise - no imaging.

NBS Direct / -- we didn't re-imagine the textbook, we re-imagined the way we buy the textook.

Will there be a single correct device or do all publications have to be designed to be deployed across multiple platforms:

kindle store
ipad app store
droid apps store
mac app store

The itunes model has driven a huge explosion of content which has enabled the monetizing of some of that content.

ubiquitous nature of the technology has enabled and encouraged teachers to self publish.

Flat world knowledge

How can teachers design content without the programming skills
Could a company emerge to help fill that void?
It would be good if textbook companies could get away from the behemouth textbook model and move toward smaller, modular content that coudl be distributed in something like itunes app store. - ePub does this now if you own the content.

Why isn't it okay for all the information to be in different places. Perhaps the one size fits all model has to go. "no one is going to agree on one."

The kids don't care.

Flipboard as a textbook