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The Future of the Book -- eBook, eMedia or ?

CoP Tag: #OPuS1FOB

Goal: To collect and work to shape the future of the eBook or eMedia. This Community of Practice began by collecting resources around eTexts and is the process of building resources for the world to view and experiment. Please add your name to the membership list if you are interested in contributing to this community.

The following people participated in a meeting to organize resources around eTextbook/eTexts. We met on Friday, April 8th from 2:00pm to 6:00pm at Collegiate School.


Basil Kolani: The Dwight School
don buckley
Lisa Pedicini: The Spence School
Pat Hough: CGPS
Scott Wickham: Trevor Day
Bill Campbell: Dwight-Englwood School
Trevor Shaw: Dwight-Englewood School
Jed Dioguardi: Hackley School
Alex Ragone (Organizer): Collegiate School
Maggie Dixon: Collegiate School
Sarah Crowley: Collegiate School
Jim Foley: St. Luke's School
Jason Haynes: St. Luke's School
Mitch Murphy: St. Luke's School


A piece of audio to start the day off: http://www.onthemedia.org/transcripts/2010/07/02/02

Part of this day included wonderful conversations. Here is the 2nd half of the first session and most of the second session on uStream (audio only)

Part 1 (started about 30 minutes in -- apologies for the technical difficulties)

(Part 2)

April 8, 2011 Agenda:

Here was the structure of the afternoon:

1hr: Sharing our experiences/goals for etexts & identifying subgroups
1hr: Splitting into subgroups and documenting the available resources online and off where innovation is happening in each topic
1hr: Coming back together to discuss what we have found/documented
1hr: Where are we going/Defining next actions

Plus additional information:

1. We’ll be streaming and archiving the session. We’ll do our best to include external collaborators.
2. All results will be published on a wiki – We’ll start here: http://neit.wikispaces.com/NEIT2010-Digital+Textbooks
3. This is open to everyone interested – We’ll be definitely covering 5-12, but I hope to have resources K-12
As you develop resources around the Future of the Book, please tag them with the #OPUS1FOB tag. If you find a resource, add the below.

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